Tuesday, January 4, 2011

How to Start a Decade

New Year's Weekend 2011 at Panamint Dunes
longitude W117.8, latitude N36.8
Step 1:  Collect a posse like this one;
Me, Carole, Bob, Norm, Minh, Alison, John, Janice
Step 2: Get out to the campsite for Panamint Dunes just north of Highway 190 on Lake Hill Road.  Set up camp;
View of the hill in the lake.
Step3: "Plan" your cross-country walk from here to there;
View of the dunes from camp
Step 3: Walk the walk and spend a lovely day watching the light change on the dunes;

View from the "backside" of the Dunes, looking southeast.

AB + JB up on the Dunes
Step 4: Walk back and relax. No pictures of relaxing, but you get the idea.

Panamint Resort breakfast debris

The relaxing part is very important. Have a beer, eat a good dinner. Hit the sack early, because the next day after a yummy breakfast at the Panamint Dunes Resort (with all the bacon you can eat) . . .
You may find yourself driving through a snow storm that threatens to close the highway and the alternate routes. 
It could stress you out.

The drive home was a trial for most of us. For my part, I figured I could pull over and snuggle into my sleeping bag with plenty of snacks to keep me comfortable until morning. No need for that. The snow let up at the 3000' marker.

Happy New Year! 
Welcome to the 'twenty-teens'!